The Story of the Titan Landscapes

My paintings are of strange places, full of secrets, hidden objects and hints at stories

I paint biomorphic watercolours inspired by the game of klecksography which also inspired the Rorschach Test.

They mean something different to everyone but to me these are future worlds, where genetic engineering has made everything alive and titans and mortals live and feed off of each other in a colourful Lovecraftian landscape. Other motifs in my work are the natural world and natural history, archtypes and hypnosis.

My paintings are in private collections all over the world as well as adorning the walls of a meditation centre in the North of England where visitors are invited to meditate using the artwork as a focus.

SOLD to private collector UK

Where to buy a Titan Lanscape

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I am a writer and paint to keep sane. Selling my work via ebay auctions means I can enjoy painting with complete freedom. Each painting is an original, one off and handmade; I can’t replicate my process so once the originals are gone they are gone!

SOLD to private collection USA

I don’t do signed prints but you are welcome to print off any images for your personal use. Please refrain from sticking images on items or t-shirts to sell – there is enough pollution in the world already.

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