The Story of the Titan Landscapes

My paintings are of strange places, inhabited by Titans, technology and mortals with hints at stories and journeys.

I paint biomorphic watercolours inspired by the game of klecksography which also inspired the Rorschach Test. I draw or paint the images I see in the watercolour, like seeing shapes in clouds. No two paintings are ever the same and as I only sell originals each painting is truly unique.

My paintings are in private collections all over the world as well as adorning the walls of a meditation centre in the North of England where visitors are invited to meditate using the artwork as a focus.

SOLD to private collector UK

Where to buy a Titan Lanscape

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Each painting is an original one of a kind; I can’t replicate my process so once the originals are gone they are gone!

SOLD to private collection USA

I don’t do signed prints but you are welcome to print off any images for your personal use. Please refrain from sticking images on items or t-shirts to sell – there is enough pollution in the world already.

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